Friday 14 August 2015

V/A - 'Found Secret' (777-022) CD ft. Spoils & Relics

Featuring. Rick Potts, Spoils & Relics, Yeast Culture, Dylan Nyoukis,Smegma, Aaron Dilloway, Hair Stylistics, Toshiji Mikawa , The New Blockaders, Yellowhouse, The Custodians Of The Realm, Alter Of Flies, Karen Constance, John Wiese and Marc Hurtado.
Artwork by Daniel Ward and Karen Constance
Limited copies available £10.00 each.
To Order Email: (please email to check availability before making payment)
Payment via paypal to or cheque. All payments in British pounds (GBP £).
Postage Costs: UK: £1.50 / Europe: £2.00 / Everywhere Else: £2.50 + 50p per additional  

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