Saturday 7 August 2010

Twenty-Fifth Module: Spoils & Relics - Not Everyone Thinks Like This C30

since this release is now long sold out it has now been made availble for download:

new cassette release on the cylindrical habitat modules label...

"Subtle yet horrifying c30 of disconcerted, scurrying sounds from this UK crew. Total avant gutter-scraping musique disintegration, completely Michigan style but with a very distinct aesthetic. Never winds up getting harsh, just very unsettling and gives you nothing to hold on to. Scrapes, warbles, weird voices, tape wreckage, everything sounds like it's in the room with you, just covering everything and rusting and molding every surface it touches. Sounds like it was recorded in a sewer or a really bleak attic. One of my favorites from this batch. Damaged, extra fitting cover photography by Caitlin David, taken when we spent a day exploring an abandoned hotel in one of the grimmest corners of Cleveland. Full color with labels. Edition of 65."