Thursday 2 December 2010

Mantile #016 + #017 + #018

Three new cassette + download releases from Spoils & Relics, Mark Durgan w/S&R and Abysses.

All artwork hand stamped / handmade,
All cassettes pro dubbed (stereo)
All cassette editions are limited to 50 copies.
Downloads (320 kbps) will stay up until they expire.

Cassettes (each) £5.50 (UK) / £6 (Europe) / £6.25 (Rest of the World) all prices include postage,
Or all 3 for £15 (UK) / £16 (Europe) / £17 (Rest of world) all prices include postage.
Please email before making payment, to check availability -
Payment via paypal or cheque. all payments in british pounds (GBP £).

Spoils & Relics - 'A.O.N.' (Mantile#016)

*****SOLD OUT*****

Side A - 16.58 mins
Side B - 14.33 mins

This release was created from improvised material recorded on 24 - 26th of September 2010 in Leeds LS6, and composed in Plaistow E15.

No buses No trains Nowhere. Three Shadows in a cage.

This record is dedicated to Rhid Williams.

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Mark Durgan w/Spoils & Relics 'All Mistakes Straightened' (Mantile#017)

Side A - 10.14
Side B - 10.23

On the 3rd of October 2010 Spoils & Relics acquainted themselves (sonically) with Mark Durgan at Chameleon, Nottingham, NG1. This acquaintance took place due to the fact these artists were asked to collaborate at the 'Lowest Form Of Music' festival, in celebration of the LA Free Music Society. They were asked to use material culled from numerous recordings of the LAFMS. This record was composed from what improvised material occurred during that preparatory period.


Abysses - 'First' (Mantile#018)

Artwork by Daniel Ward.

Side 1 - 27.06 mins
Side 2 - 17.57 mins

The debut release from a project featuring Daniel Ward and Johnny Scarr. "Loitering outside supermarkets, emitting high pitched whines that teenagers find irresistible. Cut up voices and skinny guitar recall the bedroom experiments of early ‘80s miscreants like This Heat or The Storm Bugs but that all pervading bass wobble and unhealthy pulse could only have been made by misfits that have been sick on the dance floor, trying to shake the mdma out of their legs. A surprising amount of underhand beauty and melody is exuded from this pair of misanthropic motherfuckers on this cassette. Long may they reign." - Feral Debris

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