Wednesday 18 November 2015


1st Edition - 'Behind Camera' by Gary Myles

A5 booklet with grey cardboard cover, full colour printed on high quality cartridge paper. BEHIND CAMERA brings together a body of work featuring a new collection of Paintings and Writing this booklet comes accompanied with a downloadable Sound Composition. (Link is included within booklet)

2nd Edition - I AM THE ABYSS (the nine circles of hell) by Christopher Brownsword

A collection of pre published and original works . 'I AM THE ABYSS' features excerpts from 'The Scorched Highway' and the most recent novel 'Throw Away the Lights'
The collection is illustrated with artwork by Gary Myles.

An A5 booklet with black cardboard cover, Printed monochrome on Ivory Paper.

£5.00 each, plus postage.
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